How to determine which part of the mesh stays above the terrain.

New to the ARK Dev Kit. I was playing around with the Dino House Xtras mod in the game and when you place the structure on terrain that is not level, part of the structure clips into the terrain to a certain point. What setting in a blueprint determines this?

I would like to make my own prefab structures and I would like the floor to be entirely above ground. My idea would be to have some sort of foundation that could clip into the terrain, but would keep the floor completely out of the terrain.

Is there a setting that determines how far a mesh can clip into the terrain? I created a simple fence and in the editor when I place it on one of the sloped objects, part of the base of the fence clips into the terrain. Can that be controlled through some setting?

As far as I know this is based on the mesh pivot - the pivot touches the terrain, all other parts either clip into it or stand out.
You can either set the pivot in a 3d editor or edit the structure placement offset in the structure blueprint.