How to determine what map is currently being played?

I wanted to get K2 World >> Get DayCycleManager and bind an event to “On Start daytime” but it seems on different maps the daycycle manager has a different name like “SorchedEarthDayCycleManager”

So I thought if I knew the map name I could grab the correct DayCycleManager or do nothing for unknown maps…at present my Get DayCycleManager seems to crash on the Center map.

Is there a way to bind daytime start to an event no matter what map is active?

Please help.


Well, it seemed I didn’t need to worry about the map or casting it to any daycycle manager. I was crashing because I had a “Run on Server” event connected to the bind output of the On Nighttime Start event. Once I made that bound event simple it worked. So, I didn’t find an answer to finding the map name but I moved past the error I was getting.