How to determine the name of the animation that is playing?

Im trying to get the name of the animation that is currently playing on the players skeleton so that I can make some things happen only when specific animations are playing. What would be the best way to determine which animation is currently playing? I know that I could use anim notifies but I feel like that is a really hacky way of doing this since the data that I need is there, I just dont know how to access it.

Hi man ,
you can read the playing animation in the animation data node.
here i access that node to print on the screen the name of my open_main animation.

Hey man thanks for the reply. I’ve set up a section of my bp in the same way as you

but still dont get the result im looking for.

I am using an animation blueprint to drive my animations; could that possibly be causing issue?

Same here. I can’t see the animation name. Any Ideas guys?

play in editor and type this in console : showdebug animation

So now the question is how to expose all this data to BP…