How to detect when a line trace from a BP hits a trigger in the level blueprint?


I have a polaroid camera, and it’s set up in it’s blueprint to flash twice, and call a line trace from the players camera. I’m wondering how, say I had an overlap trigger set up in my level, I get a reference to it in the level blueprint, and set it up so when the line trace hits it, it gives off the string “hello” or something?

This is how my BP for the polaroid is set up currently.


Hi man ,
You can use the linetrace object, pin out the objectype and promote that to a variable,
add an enum in the array with the + and set it to worlddynamic (even if your trigger is static, dont know why )
You will get the hit of the trace.

if you had more than 1 trigger, you could add an actor_Tag and in the blueprint ask if the actor has tag
To do this just select your triggerbox in the level, and in the detail use the searchbar typing Tag you will get 2, you want to add the Actor_tag, hit + and Write the tag

Thank you for the reply, I’m wondering how I can set the end result up in the level blueprint. Currently, this is all set up in a bp called BP_Cameroid, then set up a boolean that goes true, and then I want to get that true boolean in the level blueprint so I can then do stuff from there. For example, these are the two set ups I have now:


Level blueprint (the TestBP is what I want the line trace to hit):

One way to talk to the level blueprint from the player is using event dispatcher but i avoid using that thing
You can make the raycast directly in the levelbpuerint referring to the same camera, or getting the reference
but you will still need to talk to levelpblueprint with the dispatcher

I think I’m almost there, this is my BP_Cameroid blueprint now:

I think my issues are coming from casting to this blueprint in the level blueprint - where I’ve circled below: