How to detect stairs

My game has an unusual physics world, so that for some reason I have to implement movement of my character myself. I have no problem implement basic movement, jumping and climbing. But I dont know how to detect something like a stair or some small object on the ground which the character is supposed to move over. I used AddActorWorldOffset to implement all the motion and check Sweep Hit Impact Normal to see if the mesh can be climbed. I dont see how to check if the Hitting surface is “low” enough to be stepped over. I disabled all physics, since otherwise things go pretty wired.


I guess you could cast a second ray going upwards, starting from the impact location of the first hit, and check the distance between second impact and initial impact.


Other possible solution I see would be to tag your stairs objects as ‘stairs’ and cast your hit result as stairs object and check if it’s true or not?

Hope it helped