How to detect overlap within grass system?

Hi, I currently have my Physical Materials in UE4 assigned to the meshes of the grass used in the grass system. My Physical Materials call a data table that directs FMOD on what to play by using a data table that looks up the FMOD events or anything else such as particles…

I’m using this just fine for the landscape layers to create Foley audio when you drive over it. But I can’t seem to get my pawn to detect when I overlap the foliage.

Ideally, I’d like to drive over or through a big bush and trigger my FMOD audio event in the PM Data Table as well as any other particles effects in the table.

I know if we made these manually with trigger boxes, it could be done, but there has to be a more efficient way to just detect when you’re encountered an object in the grass system wit ha pawn, is there something I’m missing?

Right now, I’m currently using a ray-trace to determine the physical material. This works just fine on the terrain layers or on the collision with objects that have geometry on them. Such as speedtree…

Is there a way to know when the pawn overlaps the grass foliage system?
Any help or directions to be pointed in would be helpful. Thank you.

Hmmm. Would it be possible just have the bushes automatically generate their own trigger boxes. Well, if we are dong a ray trace and looking for the physical material, all we just need to do is detect the overlap of the mesh. Is there a way to have each instance of the mesh generate a trigger box that’s scaled with the bounding box?

Most likely it is not possible using landscape grass system. You would need to use painted foliage instances for that.