How to detect input on Gamepad Thumbstick Left/Right Button?

Hi guys. I have a doubt similar to this one:
There’s a similar question here, but it didn’t work for me:

I want to detect if the touch analogic (thumbstick button left or right) is beeing pressed or not. It’s a Android game. I’ve tried to put a button in the front of thumbstick, but it disabled the thumbstick (that was on the “background”).

My objective is hold the virtual joystick thumbstick while I’m moving the player and when release the button, the player jumps.

Thank you since now.

set an input in the project setting so that the game monitors that input, then there will be an event added for when that button is pressed/released. yet i have got sometimes that the release event doesnt always work. guess i set somethin wrong

Hi Gameking002, thanks for the fast reply.

Well, I tried something like this, but it didn’t work for me, the trigger isn’t calling an action.

Here I put all the options that I thought that might work, but nothing happens when I click in the center of thumbstick/virtual joystick.

I’m brazilian and my game engine is with some words in portuguese. Here “Pular” means “Jump”.

are you sure unreal is recognizing your controller? not that unreal has the action but doesnt know where to look for the button.

The controller is the default thumbstick, which have two when you create a 3rt person game.

@jean rangel how you have resolved?

Hello @netkingZ. I didn’t figure it out yet. Every new version (now we are on the 4.18.0 beta) I used to test the functionality. I’ve reported this to the Epic, but until now I don’t have answer.

All the solutions, until now, are workaround. If you don’t mind, you can do: 1) Modify the source code in the C++; or 2) Try to put a image/button at the same location of your tumbstick button.