How to detect collision, when object moved?


I have situation, when I need to detect hit/overlap for walls and some objects, that can be moved.

In my case wall has static position and bed can be moved by SetActorTransform. I need to detect, when bed and wall are collided.

Nothing of ActorBeginOverlap, Event Hit works. How to detect this situation?

For example:

You say you tried OnHit and it didn’t work? May I see how you used it?

Did you set ‘Simulation Generates Hit Events’ to true?


There is some wall, that is BP:

And started game - nothing of that messages showed:

There is interesting moment - when I moving furniture (in last image - bed) - Actor Collision for furniture object is disabled and wall collision is enabled. When bed is placed by mouse click - beds Actor Collision switched on. IE, after furniture moved - it’s completely placed and beds Actor Collision enabled. In this step, when beds Actor Collision enabled, I expect to catch fired Hit event…

Did you try to turn on Generate Overlap Events tick?