How to detect collision between the player and a specific object?

I’m trying to create a pickable object (similar to an ammo box) and my question is:
How to detect if the player is colliding with this specific type of object?

Add a collision component to your ammo box blueprint. Make sure the collider is set to overlap the player collider. Use On Component Begin Overlap to perform an Equal (Object) check that the overlapping actor is your player blueprint.


This is how J0K3R_12QQ solved the problem as detailed below.

I’ve set up the collision and used the same blueprint and I don’t know why, but it didn’t work.

Here’s the blueprint

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Can you take a screenshot of your collision settings for both the ammo box and the player?

Thanks, but I already found an answer in a different post. I just used OnActorBeginOverlap and connected the OtherActor to Object from CastTo Player and it worked.

That’s great to hear! That is another way to solve this. Mark up your comment as the answer to this post so other people can see how you solved it. :slight_smile:

I am a complete noob to uefn. How do I add the collision component. What code do I use in verse to detect which player touches the object? Please help.