How to destroy specific Actor from array

The problem with your current code looks to be that you’re not removing the actor you’re destroying from the list.

A lot of a problems could happen with this way of coding, instead I would suggest you add an event to your AI controlled actor. This event should handle the MoveTo and destruction of itself once it gets there.

Then you just Create the Actor, then fire that even on it. This way you don’t need to manage a list.

No problem, happy to help.

That is an interesting difference!

Hello everyone.
I have a little blueprint here. As far as i understand, it spawns a pawn at one location, adds newly spawned object into array of those pawns and orders it to move to another location. And it is looped for 10 times with 0.5 delay.
So i want every actor to selfdestroy after reaching destination point, but i’m stuck with "how to GET this exact pawn that succeeded this ‘AI MoveTo’.

I mean i even prepared index aray (for some reason), but i dont understand how to use it now.
Can someone help me, pls?

Thanks for replying, however, thats really funny, because now that i’m trying to redo it, it doesn’t even show me a print string result after a called from interface event at the very begining of this blueprint that used to spawn actor yesterday.