How to destroy blueprints's destructible actor ?

hi i’m trying to use some destructible actors on my level, so far i have created the destructible actor in the content browser and i have tested it and is working (i put the object in the sky, i checked the physic start awake and it falls and breaks apart).

Now i have created a blueprints for my destructible, added the destructible asset from the content browser and when i put the object on my level it will not affected by the default shot (i’m using the first person shooter template), the shot is checked as a physic too, but the bullet is passing through the destructible actor.

i have put two events in the destructible actor blueprints (on Hit and On Overlap) but both event are never called if a shot the destructible actor.

somebody can tell me some advice to make this working ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

I was recently trying this out myself and had the same problem, I was using the SM_Door Prop and I found out for whatever reason it had no collision box so I simply added one, not sure why it was not falling through the floor and such but once I added one the projectile could hit it.

Ran into another problem though… When it got hit by the projectile the game would just crash, not messed with it more since then but need to work out why that was happening.

hi, i fixed the first part of the problem, (the bullet not firing the hit event) i have unchecked the “Simulate Physic” on the properties of the projectile’s blueprints, now the hit event on the blueprint’s destructible is working.

the major problem now is that the Apply Damage to Destructible actor uses a Destructible Actor as a target, but i only have Destructible component as a variable for my destructible object in the blueprint.

there is a way to cast Actor to Destructible Actor or Destructible Component to Destructible Actor into the blueprints ?

thanks for your help.

sorry for the bump, but i still need help on this, anyone knows how to add damage to a destructible actor in the blueprints ?

you can first get the actor and use the returned pin(from hit), cast to your destructible BP class and then get the component.
I don’t know about the actual destruction part to the component.

thanks PenguinTD for your info, but the problem is that i don’t know how to cast into the BP interface, can you show me ?

you can’t cast into a interface bp, you need to have a bp that implement your interface (click bp property icon and check details in graph editor mode).

once you have that done, you can just check if an obj implement interface class you did, and call the function directly.( under interface message section)

hi again, got it working, i used this page to know how to cast from one actor to another actor into the blueprints

after know how to cast the actor into the Destructible Actor, was to easy to add damage to the actor to let the destructible breaks apart, but just in case here is a picture of my destructible actor blueprints

hope this help some one that is having the same issue that i was facing.

thanks for all your answers.

Sory for lifting up this old thread, but in UE version 4.14.3 I have some problem with DM meshes.

So I create a DM (destructible) mesh from my static mesh, and then I made blueprint class with that DM (assets - create blueprints…).

I checked that BP is affected with “Hit” events, and when I use example - componentHit or BeginOverllap, nothings hapened with my DM mesh, it is not affected with Hit events.

Why? If I created BP from static mesh, it works fine on HIT event. But if i made DM mesh from static mesh, and then BP from DM mesh - Hit dont works.

I checked every other options to be same you regular static mesh BP.

For now, I work with static mesh BP, and when something hit that mesh - I destroy that mesh and then add same mesh but destructible to scene.

check this part How to destroy blueprints's destructible actor ? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums it tells how i fixed the not hit event issue.

In my case, this solution didnt fix this.

But again I have new problem, and for now it’s look like DM meshes have problems or I am working wrong with them.


After issuse with HIT event on DM mesh, I create box trace and with trace line BP of DM mesh works great.
In this picture, when I hit my fence with truck and if speed is above 10 km/h, fence rotate itself. If speed is greater then 10km/h, then fence is destroyed.

This is just for testing. But when I make CHILD BP of this BP - Child bp wont work.

If I made this BP with static mesh - then child is working, but with DM mesh dont work.

Where is my mistake? Why child wont work?