How to destroy an attached static mesh component from a socket via BP

Having some serious issues with something i feel should be easy as pie…
would hugely appreciate a helping hand with this one.

The function defines how many bullet meshes should be attached to the mesh via sockets, the number of shots is 4 by default. All i wanted to do is as follows… when i have the int value of 4 to have those two meshes spawn and be attached to their corresponding socket. then when the next shot is fired (which triggers switch int value of 3) to just delete them. But it doesn’t work. ive also tried hiding and setting visibility. But they stay there. the other part of the bp is just a repatition of this but with different bullet meshes. Please Help! D:
Many Thanks

The trouble is that you call your function twice then your exec adds from the first call are no more known on the second one. After your add, store your values in variables and on 3 get those stored values to be destroyed instead of blue wires. It would be ok.

Many thanks, didnt think of that :slight_smile: