How to destroy an AI controlled character by pressing a key?

Hello everybody,

I’m using a ThirdPerson template. I’ve imported a character from FUSE and assigned the mesh to the ThirdPersonCharacter BP. It is controlled by an AI controller BP which I’ve set with a “MoveToLocation” node. In addition, I would like the character to be destroyed when I press a key by using a “DestroyActor” node, so I’ve put the node in the ThirdPersonCharacter BP.
The problem is that if I set the “Auto Possess Player” setting to “Disabled”, the character execute the Move to Location, but won’t be destroyed; On the contrary, if I set it to “Player 0” the character will be destroyed when I press the key, but won’t move to location. Any suggestion? Thank you.

your issue here is that the move to is for a ai controller and when you auto posses you are possessing the character with a player controller. if your trying to have this character as an enemy and destroy it from your character then you should get a reference to the enemy in the player character and do the destruction from there. then again it looks from your picture that you are working in two different event graphs so its hard to tell what your trying to accomplish

The fact is that I don’t have a player character, but just a VR camera from where I watch the Bots moving (research purposes). So I have substituted the mesh of the default mannequin (ThirdPersonCaharacter) with that of the avatars I am interested in. Then, I have created an AI controller BP which I have set as the “AI Controller Class” of the ThirdPersonCharacter. I hope this will make it clearer. Anyway, thank you for your answer. Please, If you have some images to show, that would help a lot, thank you!