How to destroy all fractures

I’d like to know what is the property i should concentrate to in order to get my actor to fall to all it’s fractured pieces?
I cant find such settings that would make it do that. Only few big chunks are displayed.

I have an actor animated with matinee and as it collides with destructible wall, the wall
falls to pieces, I added physical material to the actor that hits the wall and increased it’s density.

on destructible wall i have:

Damage threshold 0.1
Damage spread 1
impact damage 1
impact resistance 0.1
default impact damage 1

debrip ltime min 1
max 10
deparation min 2
max 2

valid bounds - quite a bit
damage cap 1
impact velocity threshold 0.1
max chunkspeed 1
fracture impulse scale 1

support depth 0
min fracture depth 1
debris depth 1
essential lod none for 0 and 1

no impact damage overrides or fracture effects.