How to destroy actors singularly?

Hi guys so basically i have a simple setup of when i walk into a box trigger for the objects (each object has its own triggers and are apart from each other) the object associated with those triggers gets deleted. However which ever trigger i go to both objects get deleted and not the one corresponding to its trigger box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys =)

You can do it in lots of ways. If you are in 4.9 then make a use of the objectID. At the beginning, you store the object ID within the trigger, and then when a triggering process happens, compare if the objectID matches the one stored at the trigger, then either destroy or no!.

You can do it also using names, tags,…lots of other things…Or even you can assign each object as an actor variable to the trigger, and then do the compare using this.

I hope it was clear :slight_smile: let me know if it was not clear enough.


You are using boolean variable “New Var” to check in both pickups. On “E” press both the objects will get deleted when “New Var” is true and you have made “New Var” to true on overlap of both the triggers.
A quick change that you can do here is add a new variable e.g “New Var 2” and replace it in for Object_Wheel_Pickup section with “New Var”.

Or in a better way you should have made a separate blueprint for pickups with only one trigger box.

Great ! Congrats

Thanks for the reply bro! much love!

Awesome Sauce! It works! tada thanks so much man <3