How to destroy a blueprint actor when clicked by mouse

Hello, what is a simple way of destroying a blueprint actor when the mouse or the player has pressed on it on mobile game.

So far, this is what I got from other posted questions but it does not work on me.

You’re going to have to setup an Action mapping in the project settings.

You would the call that action like you do an event in the blueprint of the Player.

I tried but still does not work. I got an error.

I’m trying to experiment so that my ledge actor will be destroyed once I click on it or touch it.

sorry, forgot to add the object type array. do you get an error after connecting the array to the object types pin?

I did not get an error when connecting the “make array” but it did not work. And what should I choose on the drop list of “make array”


It depends what your object is. If you go to the object you want to destroy collision settings, you should see “Object Type”. That object type is what you should choose on the drop list. For example, if the object you wish to destroy is an object type of “World Static”, your make array drop down should be “World Static”

Thank you, I learned a lot from you.

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no problem! Make sure to mark my answer as the answer :slight_smile:

I actually don’t know much about iOS apps, I’m afraid I won’t be of help for that, sorry!