How to destroy a "AA text component" via blueprint?


I am trying to have one of my blueprint reset a 'AA text render component" to blank text but It doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone know of a way that works? I manage to get it to go off when walking out of a trigger box but for the purpose of the scene i would like to avoid trigger boxes.

many thanks:)

Edit: I would like another blueprint to destroy the text component sorry forgot to specify that.

Bump!!!:(:(:frowning: I still cant figure out how to do it. Ive manage to reset a regular text variable but cant quite get the text renderer to reset withouth a collion box but rather a false from a line trace signal.

Alright I finally made it!! @$#% So if anyone stumbles on this tread at least it will be closed:).

So to manage what i wanted to do i created a custom event in the BP I needed the showed message to be erased as soon as the line trace would equal to false. And in my_character BP I did a"Get all actor from class" node of the BP I was aiming the cast to and called that event witch deleted or reseted the AA text Render componnet… ET VOILA@@@!!! Closed hahaha