how to design the entire game in blueprints

hey there,

i want to ask you guys a question which bugs my mind for a long time. how to design the entire game in blueprints.
im not talking about how to do one spesific thing, instead how should i design my game and put things where.

for example:

every character should have states. Idle, Walking, Attacking, Dead, Stunned etc.

characters should have stats : Health, Mana, AttackSpeed, MoveSpeed etc.

User input must be handled: highlight mouse over objects, outline enemies under cursor, show cursors for spells and skills etc.

characters should be controlled by stats movement speed, therefore animation speed must be controlled by character stats

basic Enemy AI: idle, patrol, attack, notify others, etc-.

so my question is, how can i make these in a professional way, so i wont have to change them in the futre and focus on game and mechanics design.

a couple of examples would also be appreciated.

Hmmm… Well you should make a proper booking about every detail that is in your game. If you don’t know how to do project management then you should learn that subject. Make some UML diagrams about how things work in your game and start following that path.

im not talking about the initial design. im actualy asking you how one should implement his designs in blueprints. enums, classes, state machines or anything else that is necessary.

What you’re asking is basically up for self interpretation. There is no ONE set way to do all of these things. What works for you may not be the best for somebody else and their project.

If you have your project fully thought out: (Game type, characters and classes, Skills and magic, Weapons - Ranged or Melee, single player or multi player), These are the core functions of the game and what are the “initial design”.
Once you know how you want your game to function, then you can build your blueprints to do exactly what you need them to do.
This allows you to know what you want your end result to be and better plan your blueprints so if you DO need to change them in the future, it’s as simple as possible.

We don’t know anything about your project, so trying to tell you how to do anything with blueprints for the whole game is kind of an impossibility.

Personally I like to create controller blueprints that handle everything about a given area of my game. For instance, I have the Map State blueprint which knows everything about the map and if any other blueprint wants that information, or wants to change that information, then they deal with Map State. I have a Save Controller so if when it comes time to save the game, the Save Controller reaches out to the other blueprints, usually the controllers, and grabs the info for saving.

But no matter what you do, don’t think you can just layout a perfect plan and never have to go back and change it. Game design is all about iteration. As you continue working on your game you will realize that you need to open up new functionality or rewire certain areas of your code to handle new features, fix bugs, or generally handle any number of contingencies.