How to design and Best Object Designing Software?

I’m new here in UE4 and i apologize if the question below are asked a lot of times already. I would like to know more about UE4 and would love it if you share your opinion, experience or point of view in answering my following questions.

1: Does UE4 have its own object designing tool? or do we need to use a 3d object designing software like blender?

2: If we need to use a 3rd party 3D designing software (im planning on getting blender) the joints/bones connection, designing etc is made on the designing software and not on UE4?

thats all for now.

some background info: i have a MMORPG project which i wanted to start developing in either 3D or 2D (2.5D) aspect. So im also in the middle of deciding whether i will use a 3D or 2D game engine…for 3D game engine i chose UE4 (but also considering another one).

Thank you.

Blender All the Way. Here is a great learning site for blender: Getting started with Blender - Zero 2 Hero - YouTube

And here is the same guy, showing Blender to Unreal workflow:

Good Luck!

UE4 does not have a tool for creating 3D assets, you have to model and texture your meshes in a separate program and set them up for animation that way also.

Also, if you’re just getting into things then an MMORPG is not a good idea, even experienced developers fail at making games like that.

  1. you can create basic meshes inside the UE4 (bsp brushes), but it’s better when you create everything in a 3d tool
  2. yep, in the UE4 you just have to set up the materials, blueprints,… :slight_smile:

awesome! thank you so much for all your replies…now i understand why that guy on the tutorial video 1 talks about blue prints directly hehe

time to learn blender then! thank you so much!!! hug

Here is a good tutorial series: :slight_smile: