How to deploy to UWP Xbox One?

I’m more of a Hobby developer and can’t afford a devkit and not planning to get one anytime soon especially without enough work to show. I was wondering if there’s anyway in Unreal 4 I can deploy the game as UWP so I can still test it on retail Xbox One.

I heard Microsoft released some GitHub code to create UWP with Unreal 4 but i’m a noob and not sure how that works. Can anyone help or get me better idea to go about accomplishing my goal?

Is there a Windows 10 PC or Mobile Store deployment option in Unreal like how Unity has?

I need tutorials

If you consider yourself a “noob” and have no idea how to use GitHub versions my advice is: don’t bother.

  1. The UWP support on the Xbox One is strictly for apps, anything that remotely resembles a game is barred from publishing on the Store and has to go through the id@xbox program.
  2. UWP apps on Xbox One only have access to a small part of RAM, CPU and GPU resources (since it’s meant for apps that can be used while a game is running) so even if you’re only testing without publishing your game will be severely constrained.

Your time will be better spent working on your game projects so you actually get “enough work to show”, which will open way more doors for your further on (maybe even a free dev kit: they do hand those out when you show you’re a broke indie who’s committed enough).