How to deploy on nginx

I can only find instructions on how to set this up on apache. Anyone know how to get it working with nginx? Thanks

I decompressed all the .gz files. Then I removed all .gz I could find in the html. I uploaded it to the server without any special config. This works, but of course it is a lot bigger than using the .gz files. My game is now up on It is a bit slow at loading and doesn’t work in IE, but it runs good once it is loaded.

Hello Pesk92 , okay? Could you give me some help on how you did to hospoder your project. I’m looking for something days but find nothing. I would greatly appreciate it .

Hi. I think you are asking me how I host my website. I have a very good internet connection in Norway (300Mb/s up). I use my 7 year old laptop as a homeserver with ubuntu server and nginx. I think if you have a old computer and a fast internet connection this is a good option, but it takes a lot of googling to learn how to set it up. Best of luck!

The only think you really need to do is to map “.gz” extensions to the “gzip” content-transfer-encoding.
A simple Google will tell you how to do this:

I want to deploy on Apache, but no sucess.why?

Hi,Pesk92,I want to deploy on Apache, but no sucess. readme.txt in package of HTML5 , say

Add the following in .conf or .htaccess file. ( edit the directory name accordingly )
<Directory “${SRVROOT}/htdocs”>
AddEncoding gzip gz

I do it, no sucess,why? thanks !