How to deploy a game that has extra content to be downloaded after?


I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction as to how you would go about deploying a game to the play store.
This game will be under the 50mb limit. But i want to be able to have a button that then downloads the rest of the content.
Actually it doesnt have to be a button.

But i want the rest of the maps to be downloaded separately so i can keep the package under 50mb.

Fpr those interested. There is a trello card for DLC support. Once this is implemented it would make life a lit easier and shipping big games a breeze

Is it this card?

It doesn’t look like any progress has been made:

Describes how XNA Game Studio can copy executable and media files to the Xbox 360 retail console once you are ready to deploy them. As you develop your Xbox 360 game, it is convenient to deploy your game executable to your console for testing purposes.
However, before deploying, you need to use the XNA Game Studio Device Center dialog box to establish a connection between the console and your computer.