How to delete keyframes from level sequencer?

I duplicated a level sequence and now I want to delete a few existing keyframes. Except that nothing happens when I select the keyframes and hit backspace, delete, even right clicking gives no context menu.

Hi @subboy2004or69!

What you want to do is right click your key frame and delete it from the properties menu.

See the properties section in the Unreal Keyframing documentation:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Keyframing

I hope the above solution s what you need!

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If context menus don’t appear or are black then memory has been filled or it’s a bug. When that happens I save and restart the project.

Unfortunately, the only option to delete keys in UE is to zoom into the individual frame, unlike many other animation apps that allow you to check and delete keys just by being on a key frame.

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Thank you guys. It works now.