How to delete extra bones from meta humans models in blender?

I inported a MetaHuman from UE 5 to Blender and there is a lot of bones that I would like to delete to make the animation more easy to make… but when I delete a bone, it delete all the model… I would like to knox if this is possible to remove all the bones of the model and if that is, how ?

Hi there,

if you want to delete bones in blender, select the skeleton (“armature” in blender), go to edit mode, select the extra bones and hit “X”, a very small popup menu shows up, then select delete bones.
Make sure to NOT delete bones that are parent of the main bones, mainly the hand bones, such as metatarsals.

That should work.

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To remove all the bones of the model you first need to unparent the armature with the mesh.

First click on the model and press [Alt] + [P]
then select “Clear and keep trasnformation”

And now the bones are not longer connected with the mesh so you can select the armature and delete it completely.

I hope it helps!

I believe I misunderstood your question. You want to remove the duplicated skeletons and combine all meshes into one figure, is that correct?
For instance, if you added Head first, it will be assigned to Root skeleton. Then, adding a body it will be assigned to Root.001. Subsequent meshes added to the Blender scene will have Root.002, Root.003 etc.

Select the head, click on the orange square icon (object properties), go to relations and you will see the Parent assigned to Root (as I said, if the head was loaded first).

Still in relations, select Parent. That will show a list of assets, meshes, skeletons etc. Then, select Root.001 (which is assigned to the body mesh).

Then click on the wrench icon (modifiers panel) and repeat

Results: Head and Body sharing the same skeleton Root.001.

Attention: Before exporting, make sure to rename your final skeleton back to Root, otherwise it won’t be recognized as an existing asset, and Unreal will make it a different skeleton. To avoid renaming skeletons, make sure to start with a new scene, and add any body mesh first and use the Root as the target for all other meshes.