How to delete elements (from heap) from TArray with TFixedAllocator

Hi please fix the bug on Hello Neighbor


Do I need manually delete components and if so then how.

Mean, I have UCLASS that inherits from AActor.
In this class is member without UPROPERTY.
It is without UPROPERTY because TArray with TFixedAllocator can’t have it.
How I shoud delete elements from TArray and where - BeginDestroy, EndPlay, FinishDestroy, Destructor?

class .... : public AActor
    TArray<UAudioComponent*, TFixedAllocator<2>> AudoComponents;

Dude this is not the place for that kind of request.

I found tutorial A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

And in it is section:

if(!MyObject) return;
if(!MyObject->IsValidLowLevel()) return;

MyObject->ConditionalBeginDestroy(); //instantly clears UObject out of memory
MyObject = nullptr;

Someone have idea this is good solution?