How to delay player spawn when loading level

So there is probably an easy fix for this, but I am unsure how to phrase the question to get an answer to what i need,
right now my Player is spawning in to fast for the terrain, so I’m just falling through the world, how do i delay player spawn, or make the world stream faster?

I am pretty new to BluePrint still, Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to help out!

I’m using World Composition so its not a simple Open Level node and done, i am using Open Level in it however.

I assume you are trying to load them on begin play of new level(open level node). You should check this doc, its about adding sublevels to level and make them “Always Loaded”.

I hope its what you are looking for.

I am actually using a main menu with a Play Button, so it’s running off of On Clicked (Play Game), But i am using a Main Menu Map Separate entirely from the World composition Persistent Level, the World composition Persistent Level already has its sub levels, and i can’t use the feature for Always loaded for some reason