How to definitely destroy actor?

Might be answers for you here: [Question] How to destroy an actor properly in C++? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

I’m trying to check if actor which was spawned and destroyed in runtime still exist in memory. I have this conditions:

	if (MyActor != NULL)
		UE_LOG(LogClass, Log, TEXT("There is Actor"));
	else if (MyActor == NULL)
		UE_LOG(LogClass, Log, TEXT("There is no Actor"));

Condition works like supposed to before I spawn MyActor. Also after I spawn actor, logs shows me correct infromation. But after MyActor has been destroyed (Destroy()) logs shows me that MyActor is still there. I suspect that this issue is related with Grabage Collector but I don’t have idea what to do with this. Any help?

I’ve checked upper link already but

MyActor = NULL;

this results editor crash


this with the same result

When I set MyActor to NULL it looks like actor is over but it’s always couse editor crash.

 if(!ActorRef) return;
 if(!ActorRef->IsValidLowLevel()) return;

I’m trying to use this condition from Rama’s post but without any results because its always true. I tried also whole VDestroy(UObject * ToDestroy) function but this doesn’t work either (crash).

I came back to home and use another project. I mean that I work on two computers and copy source and content folder between them.
When I copied source back to my home computer … surprise - there’s no any of crash which I fought earlier.