How to define the default values of a Struct/Array in a Struct?

I have made a Struct Blueprint that contains a plethora of variables, some of which are other Structs/Arrays.
How can I edit the default values of those Structs/Arrays?

(Some are even arrays of Structs.)


Unfortunately this was a known issue with some builds. I can confirm that this has been resolved in 4.3. Now, there is a section to the right of the Structure dropdown where you can define all of the Array’s values.

I hope that this helps.

Ah! Thanks. I had not updated to 4.3 yet.

Hi, I’m using 4.7.2 and the default values I set as above are not inherited into a blueprint when I create a new variable from the structure, they are all zeroed. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi ,

I was able to get my struct variable to display the default values I had set. I created a new Struct asset, gave it a float, set that float to 300, saved, created an actor blueprint and then added the variable. It returned that the float was set to 300.

Can you show me exactly how you have set up your struct and also where it is not displaying the correct values? Any additional information about this may help.

Hollow , I am using 4.7.4, and I found another bug about the custom struct variable.

This is my custom struct variable, I created it in content browser and then add a new variable in my player’s BP.

The weird thing is that EVERY time when I restart my project, I always get those long number after the variables name ( I think they are memory address).

I can refresh them so they will become normal, BUT they are going to lose their default value! I need to reset them manually every time.

The variables with such bad name still work as they are normal, but they are entirely annoying me.

Edit: The variables are going to reset all to 0 when restart the project. The situation is getting worse.

I had this bug in 4.7.2, then it was fixed in 4.7.3. Now, I wonder why it had to appear again…

Hi Smallee and Ranz,

This is a known issue that we have been investigating. It is fixed in our latest internal build and we plan to have it included in the 4.8 update.