how to decide when objects gets destroyed.


I’m spawning objects into a holder(bucket) and when the bucket is full and the objects starts to fall down over on the side. When this happens I would like them to destroy. I have gotten them to destroy on collision, but they will destroy on impact with every object they collide with. Is there a way to exclude things from this and make the object “live” when inside the bucket?


If you have an specific collision type in mind you like them to be destroyed by, you can set their collision to only react to that. You can even create your own object type.

However, the way I would do it is probably just set the objects to destroy after leaving the overlap of the bucket

Yes I would like them to destroy when they hit the ground, but I don’t know how to make that happen :slight_smile: (Im fairly new to the whole blueprint thing;)
How would you go about having them destroyed after leaving the overlap of the bucket?


I would give your objects a tag. When your destroying event occurs I would check if the colliding object has the newly created tag. If it doesnt, remove the item, if it does do nothing.

You can also create a Trigger Box inside your container, when one of your item leaves the trigger box you enable some kind of boolean that activates the killing event.

So I can’t just tell the spawned object somehow to “die” when it hits the ground?


Remember, the game does not know what is Ground.

I would do as suggested, put a collision box/capsule around the base of the bucket, so when they hit that collision area, they are destroyed.


I solved it like this:
in the spawn blueprint I took the hit-info and got the name of whatever the object hits, and I only have one object acting as ground so then I just made a false/true statement and this works ok…

thank you all for helping me


Yep that’s basically what Yun-Kun and myself said, except with tags and object types :slight_smile:

Glad ya got it. By the way, is this water or something going into a bucket? Just curious

Im loading up a truck with capsules :))
But know I got into trouble, cause my name finding system docent seem to work when the game is packaged :confused:
so i have to explore your guys idea with tags :slight_smile: