How to debug / recompile game editor plugins

How to debug / recompile game editor plugins using visual studio?

Are these Plugins that come with UE4? Or Plugins from the marketplace?

If they come with UE4, you simply need to download the engine code from Git, build it, and run.

If they came from the Marketplace, you should have all the source by default for those plugins.

Was thinking about debuging WheeledVehicle files for torque setings bug or recompiling with increased hardcoded default engine torque values.

The source files are located under.
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.17\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\PhysXVehicles\Source\PhysXVehicles

Not sure what steps to take to compile some modifications.

Download the engine source, build it, modify that plugin, build engine again, rinse/repeat. Nothing too crazy.