How to debug a "Player-Spawn"'ed character?

i’m trying to set up debug on my character which spawns on “Player-Start” actor when i start the level
(set him as the debug object in the BP class debugging) but his option doesn’t exist until i start the level as he is not spawned yet. how can i manage it out instead manually searching him among all pre-spawned bots(same class as the player) each time i play the level? thanks.

With this setup it is rather not possible to quickly find main character. I can suggest a ‘solution’ for that:
You can always derive from your FPS-Player and use this children class (ex. FPS-MainPlayer) as your main player class.

yeah that’s what i’ve planned to do if no other solution will be found, it still feels a kind of bad-code tho, don’t like to “hack” things up that way.

in addition i am sure there is a solution, as i saw in one of the demos (i think it was 2D platformer) how you automatically take control of the character which exists in the editor mode.