How to Debug a Crash in a Shipping Build?!

To the Community and Epic Staff,

My team is currently in the process of trying to isolate and/or debug a crash that is only occurring in a Shipping Build. We tried to reproduce the crash in a Development build as the necessary debug files are included within that build type, but unfortunately the crash does not occur.

This brings us back to my original question and problem that we face. We have searched the interwebs and have not found anything super helpful. So, for the sake of our sanity, would someone be able to guide myself and my team through the correct process on how to go about debugging a crash that happens exclusively in a Shipping Build.

Things we have already tried:

  • Include Debug Files (when crash occurs it tells us we do not have the necessary debug symbols in order to view the callstack)
  • Crash does not occur in Development Build
  • Looked at the Mini-dump which also did not provide us with useful information.

Any help from the community or staff at Epic would be greatly appreciated!