How to deal with slow update rate of behavior trees?

I’m making an AI behavior tree, and it needs to detect when the player crosses its view cone. However, using the view cone decorators, the player can quite easily jump across the cone of the cone check. It seems like it only checks about every .25s to .5s for if the player is in the view cone, so if the player is going 800 u/s then they could potentially cross all parts of the view cone that are <= 200 units across.

This effect gets even more pronounced the closer the player is to the AI because the radius of the cone is smaller closer to the AI. So basically the player can very easily jump across the AI’s face at point blank range while being entirely undetected.

I’ve drawn a diagram to help explain what I mean:

Here is the behavior tree I’ve made:

How does one combat this? Should I not be using a behavior tree for this?

At very least you can click this node and set a smaller tick interval in details(?) panel.

If absolutely nothing else will work for you, using code (c++, bp or both) for logic is a fine too, as long as you can make it work properly

Wouldn’t it be better to use perception system?

Ah yes I didn’t know that is a feature. Thank you this seems like it will work excellently!

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