How to deal with roads

Hi there,

Since there’s no road tool, using splines causes a lot of issues. I have a couple issues right now:

A) On a terrain that’s not perfectly flat (meaning each spline having control points in different heights) when two roads are close to each other, and we hit deform landscape to spline, 2 falloffs are applied one from each spline and they get mixed resulting terrain popping out of road. Like you see in the image.

B) For where two roads cross each other.

I don’t want to spend hours hiding the problems with the use of decals.
I could use some tips.


Im having similar issues. I wish Epic would work on a good road tool that handled intersections and more complex stuff, as well as the ability to have decal roads like in CryEngine instead of only models.

I got around it by making a static mesh for the intersections and butting the splines against it.