How to deactivate Visual Studio launching?


I’m an amateur C++ developer, new to UE4, and i use Code::Blocks to code in C++. I am tired about seeing the editor launching Visual Studio every time I create a new C++ class. So how to avoid this automatic launching ? Thanks ! :slight_smile:

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(I’m sorry for duplicating the question, it’s because the two first times I clicked on the “Post your question” button, it took me to an “internal sever error” page)

Unfortunately there is no editor preference that allows you to turn that off.

The easy workaround is to open your project’s DefaultEngine.ini and add the following to the bottom:


That will disable all editor integration with the Visual Studio IDE.

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Ok, thanks a lot ! It is exactly what I were looking for.

There is now an option Opening Visual Studio by accident from the editor - #2 by Ryan_Darcey