How to deactivate source control

Hi there,

I connect UE4 through to my GIT repo but I don’t want to use the plugin anymore as renaming and removing files takes forever now. But that seems not possible. I also deactivated the plugin in the settings and restartet but that doesn’t stop it from connecting and doing it’s stuff like before.

So, how to really disconnect UE4 from GIT?

Thank you.

Hi !
Did you try to open Source Control menu and select ‘Disconnect’?

No, I’m a blind idiot. Thank you. :slight_smile:

No problem, I was really worried that I could have missed that!

I can’t even load the editor at all because I get the error that the GitSourceControl plugin can’t be found and the editor won’t even start so I need to disable it from the command line or a config file if possible. Any suggestions?

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You can open your .uproject file in notepad and set the plugin to “false”, or remove it entirely