How to darken the entire world but the corridor I am

Hi all!

Im trying to make an effect or something where everything from the world would be darken except from the players current room, something like Little Nightmare does. But I cant find anything or come up with something that helps me.

The result I would like to achieve is something like this:

I am using Unreal Engine’s default brushes and combining it with “Blocking Starter Pack” asset, and currently I am doing like this:

Honestly, Im quite lost with this. I would appreciate any kind of advices.

A simple post process could do the trick.
if you want to be fancy and can afford the cost you could do it with a black volumetric fog.

The process is quite similar.
in a post process you darken everything by removing from the scene color - or lerping between scene color and 0,0,0
You use a sphere mask or something similar as the alpha, so that the effect is gradual to the character, and as a bonus you can control the radius at runtime with a scalar.

The volumetric fog set up would be nearly the same. Fog everywhere, no fog around the character.

Couple the 2 effects and you could have a very interesting look.
if you are woeking for mobile, disregard the volumeteic stuff.

Hey! Thanks very much for the response. I think I am going for the post proccess method for now. Just a little question. Is that method need to be done via BPs?


Not really, it depends.
If your camera is at a set distance and attached to the character you can use math to find the origin point of the sphere mask.

Otherwise you need to pass a value to the post process. Usually with a material parameter collection. And using the Level BP to keep it update with the actor’s Location.

I think I understand thanks! Now Im going to look for a way to do this mask, I ve never done that.