How to cycle through all cameras? (just for scene overview and comparison, no game)


I have often scenes with 10 cameras, I use them like bookmarks or for comparison.

The process to watch through each of them by scrubbing through the nested menu items is quite tedious and time-consuming.

  • is it possible to set a hotkey, to look through an selected camera?
  • is there a way, to cycle through all existing cameras?

This is just to compare movie scenes, I’m not asking for game features!


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You can build your own [Editor Utility Widgets][1] - extend the editor interface.

This widget has just 1 button and simple script to cycle through all cameras:

Image from Gyazo

It can also override onKeyDown, calling widget script on keypress.

This can, obviously, be fleshed out much better. Nothing stops you from making a dropdown or a separate button for each camera.

this is super helpful! thank you! I’m stuck on the last node. I heard it was moved in 4.27. Was wondering if someone could please assist on how to do this with now?

Enable this plugin, restart the editor and try again. It should show up.

hello, i was trying to use this for unreal 5, do i have to change anything? my button doesn’t work