How to cut mid-section of a Montage on the EventGraph


I’ve been following this tutorial: - YouTube

I’m practicing with some blueprints and I currently have a character that can walk and run. Next thing I decided to do was an action that involves an “ActionStart”, “ActionLoop” and “ActionEnd”. On a new Montage I set it up so that my “ActionStart” and “ActionLoop” are in a section and then “ActionEnd” is another section, with an AnimNotify at the end of the first section that I call in the EventGraph so that it jumps to the next section.

After setting it up the blueprint so that when the controller button is not pressed anymore, it jumps to the “ActionEnd” section once the last section is done. This would usually be fine enough, except my “ActionLoop” is a 5 second animation and I want it to cut through that animation whenever the controller button is not pressed anymore, and just jump to the “ActionEnd” section.

Hope that makes sense. If needed, I can try to provide screenshots of my blueprint setup.

Can’t you just jump to this section on button released event? A screenshot of your setup would be great definetely.

IanBreeg, I believe that’s what I have set.

Taking screenshots of all the parts related is a bit too much to post here, but basically on my character blueprint I have it set to set or not an specific variable for whether it’s pressing or not the button. Then on the character animation blueprint I have it set to use said variable.

The montage area looks like this:

And the actual montage is set like this:

What this does is, once the ScanLoop (ie, the ActionLoop I was talking about before) ends, instead of looping again it goes into the ScanEnd (ActionEnd) section, so if I release the button near the beginning, I have to wait quite a while for the loop animation to end.

I don’t have a copy of UE nearby to check this, but I’ll do as soon as I’m back at my place. Meanwhile, have you tried setting a direct relation between ScanLoop and ScanEnd? The way you have ScanStart and ScanLoop set up.

I haven’t, but I can try. If I do that however, it would not loop if I keep the button press, right? Loop is one thing I want to keep in there.

Also, I have been checking how my blueprint is acting with the debug. I’m not really knowledgeable about blueprints but I think I might have found the issue?

When I press the key, the Custom Event sends the signal to the Montage Play, but when I stop pressing the button, the AnimNotify sends the signal much later (ie, after it ends one loop). Is there a way for the AnimNotify to send the signal at any given time within the section length?

I hope this makes sense.

Why don’t you send it directly when you release the button? The way you have it know is that you always have to wait for your current loop to finish. You need to Set Montage Section directly in the blueprint where you have your buttons events (I assume it is your Character blueprint).

Agree with IanBreeg, i’d just set the Montage Next section when key is released, that should solve it.