How to cut a part of mesh?

I want to put a scan area in my game, the scan area is a part of sphere. now i have a sphere, but i must cut a part of mesh by some params, the params are dynamic in the game. Anyone can tell me how to cut a part of mesh by some params in the runtime? Thanks a lot!

Hello zhangcheng_

If you would elaborate on the scan area you are trying to accomplish. You said it was part of a sphere but then you need to cut out parts of the sphere after that particular area is scanned? Are you trying to do this VIA UMG?

If you would provide a little more elaboration along with a few screenshots so that I may understand what you are trying to accomplish better.

You can either use the Voronoi fracture method or just the UV map masking.

First is using GPGPU as I know and you need to generate your mesh’s fracture in a texture ( Literally a Voronoi Diagram. ) It’s physics and very expensive even though with GPGPU parallel calculation.

Second is you need to figure it out that scan object’s collision vector location,
then you need to make that vector value into the source’s object’s UV map.
As I know the Planar , Cylindrical calculation is on the Market place also, but that’s kind of a Sci-Fi Dissolve effect with the emmissive light, that means it just disappear and not making cutting effect if you’re trying to make some gore effect that like a dismemberment of the body anatomy.

thans a lot! Your answer is very usefull, using UV map masking can take it down.


It just like this. Thanks