How to cull certain objects from SceneCapture2D?

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to build a portal system for my game.
At the moment there is an entrance and exit point.
The SceneCapture2D is located at the exit point a moves relative to the players position to the entrance point.


My problem now that the objects behind the Exit Point are shown in the portal, because the camera moves around
behind the portal.
For example the orange cylinder should be invisible in the portal.

Is there a way to cull objects until a certain location or make them just insvisible on the desired camera/scenecapture?

Best regards


Have you solved the problem? I want to achieve this effect too ,but i have no idea how to make it

Unfortunately no… Never worked on the portals after this.
But maybe it’s easier with the new possibilities introduced in 4.13.
Unreal Engine 4.13 Released! - Unreal Engine (search ‘Scene Capture’)
You could detect objects between the SceneCapture and your ‘exit point’ and put them into Hidden Actors.