How to create wireframe material, for any object?

How to create wireframe material, for any object in unreal engine 4?

like this for example -

with possibility to change wireframe color.

It is possible?

Here we go :slight_smile:

-enable wireframe
-add a constant 3 vector to base colour


Thank you, will try today.

I cant find a wireframe tickbox in the material editor. Also what is the node with the 0 connecting to the specular?
Was this removed on newer versions or am I overlooking something?

I want to create a Wireframe Material with a solid white background and black wireframes on top of it.
This is what I have so far but not sure how to fix this.


Make sure to check this documentation page: It will explain you how to create a layered material (from your material it seems like you are trying to create a layered mat) :wink:

Details Tab ;The wire frame tick box is only visible in the Materials section if you expand the little arrow at the bottom of the Materials section!

yeah but it appears shaded

I prefer use unlit shading and link the color box to the emmisive color slot

You’ll need 2 meshes overlapping. Add the Wireframe material on one mesh, and the Material of your choice on the second. Now add a simple scalar value 0.2 to your second material’s Pixel Depth Offset node.