How to create weekly schedule?

I am creating a game that has different phases each day - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night - in which NPC’s spawn in different locations based on the different time of day. I have managed to create this successfully without too much trouble using a Switch on Name node with an ‘Advance Time’ call passed from my dialogue plugin. I would like to implement the days of the week and have different NPC schedules per day but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this while still making the programming efficient. How would you go about setting this up?


@RedYoloCup You can make a structure type to hold your possibilities:

and then put everything in a datatable:

Every row in the table has ‘day of week’ + ‘time of day’ + ‘array of actor types to spawn’

Obviously how exactly you set this up is up to you. In the example here, day of week and time of day are both ‘names’, but you can make them integers or whatever you like…