How to create weapon to FPS game?

I wanna create some simple game. I use FPS example game. First, I want to add some weapon models but… don’t know nothing about creating, importing etc. weapons - I’m willing to learn it. Explain me, please, what tools (unreal engine or 3D software) should I use to model, animate, where skeleton should be added? I don’t want to now details such as “how to model weapon in 3ds max”, instructions step by step is supposed to be sufficient (for example: 1. model weapon (unreal engine), 2. (add bones)) :smiley:

  1. Model weapon in Max
  2. Add bones in Max
  3. Animate in Max…

… after weapon is complete, fully modeled, textured, animated… etc…

  1. Export from Max, model + animations

(though you can animate all required anims one after another and deal with importing it like that, I suggest you keep them all separate, in separate files, unless you’re comfortable with a single file workflow)

  1. Import model + animations into UE4
  2. Make weapon function in UE4

I guess that’s the gist of it… :slight_smile: