How to create weapon customization system?

Hi guys, tell me please, how to correctly create a customization system in game. I want to create a weapon customization and I’m not sure of the correctness in my methods. I did it by using 2 classes: one for body of gun, and one more for elements of gun(handle, barrel). They contain variables and mesh, I check in the construct widget an array of my classes with GetClassDefault function and getting the right data.

My example - - YouTube

How would you do it?

I really hope for your help (And I would be very grateful if you recommend me new books about architecture of games)

p.s. sorry for the stupid question, I do not have professional education in programming and sorry for my english, it’s not my native language, write me and I paraphrase my text.

Hey, since you are asking how I would do it, I would make one gun blueprint, and have meshes for all the different pieces in that one blueprint, then just change them from a function, like “Set static mesh”. That way, you could easily add more gun pieces by adding meshes to the list, and then just having it change the mesh, and you could match them to each other with mesh sockets.

If you mind my asking, what is your native language?

Thank you for your answer, and I thought about it, but it is planned that the weapon elements are not available by default and will be added in the course of the game. And also the fact that the “body” of arms differs from each other (as opposed to the handle and barrel), I mean there are different points where you can spawn. Am I correct to expect that with your logic, I can do so: in the class create a structure that will hold the meshes, and in the course of the game to add to this structure meshes. The logic will check the body-handle-barrel through the Int variable TypeOfElement for example. Yeap ? :slight_smile:

p.s. Russian is my native language (I understand you very well, but I can not write properly, please forgive me for it)