How to create wave mesh?


im trying to set up a simple plane that is animated to show some waves.

I tried to export an animated plane from Blender but the NoiseTexture and the displacment modifier seem not to be working in ue4.
What i get in ue4 is just a simple flat plane.
its not about materials/textures or colors…just about a plane with some movement.

Anyone know how to do so?

Not an expert in it, but it’s probably going to require a sin or cos function / time node(s) and panner node(s) combined to get a wave motion in a plane. It’d use a multiply and/or a lerp, or more of those, to generate a sinusoidal wave. It’ll probably also require retrieving the vertices of the plane mesh, possibly by using a VertexNormalWS node or another vertex-based operation (such as masking the vertices to extract them and use the other nodes to animate the wave). There’s also world displacement.