How to create vehicle collision controller vibration

I’m trying to create a controller vibration that is proportional to the force of impact of my vehicle in blueprint. Any thoughts? I’m new to Unreal Engine and Blueprints. I know how to enable dynamic force feedback, but I do not know how to achieve the impact force vector.

Force feedback works using a curve you could create multiple force feedback effects with different intensity curves and based on velocity of the vehicle choose which to play by getting the movement speed so at lower speeds the feedback is less intense than at high speeds. You can get the speed like this:

yeah that’s the direction i was thinking. i searched blueprint commands for anything related to impact normal force but came up empty. i worry about the velocity of the other object so i’m thinking maybe get the relative velocity vector between the two objects and grab the length of that :slight_smile:

That could work as well.

…also throw in mass p = mv for a tad more accuracy :slight_smile:

There ya go…even better

thx for your help :slight_smile: in the end it works!

…i had to make sure though i was only check collision with the right objects though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah you wouldn’t want it to fire every moment it touches the ground, you could add a check for an impact from the air too by adding a bool that sets if the vehicle gets “X” distance above the ground and then if that bool gets set it fires an impact feedback when it comes in contact with the ground again…know what I mean?

yeah, good call :slight_smile: i was ignoring the ground completely, but that is better since i do have a few jumps in my map