How to create vehicle/boat


I have not much experience with the Unreal Engine and I didn’t understand the tutorial, so this is my question.
How and where do you create a vehicle, I would like the make a pirateship, or is there a place with free vehicle models?

I hope to hear anything soon.

to make the models you need to use a 3D app like blender//maya.

there are quite a few places for free models although you should be careful using those sites as some of the models are ripped from games.

Thanks, and can you color it also in blender? Can you make model to an vehicle in Unreal Engine?
And is it possible to make character models with it?

Yes it is, but Blenders UI, with dazillions of different shortcuts is hard to understand at the beginning.
Buuut, i would start with something easy, or a much more basic boat. :slight_smile:

Yes, it looks indeed very difficult.

Yes Sir.
You can download a model (give credits, or look what is need in the licence, to be a “good one”, if you are using the blendswapstuff), and modify it on your own. ://www.blendswap/blends/search?keywords=boat&is_fan_art=1&blend_license=&sort=Blend.downloads&direction=desc

I would suggest you blender, because the community is great, a bit like in the UE forums. ^^ slimeattack ahead
Stay focused and decide, what to learn, depending on how much time you have to invest.
Start easy, if you want to understand the full potential of blender (export to UE working well).



:/// is a good place for meshes that you can download (just filter the price) :slight_smile:

Okay thank you for the replies!

Is it also possible to mount an canon on a boat, which shoot projectiles? I know its possible to make projectiles, but I want to know if it possible on a boat and if you can trigger it as an driver.

You can even mount a cannon onto a fluffy bunny!

Good idea for an enemy!

Are there any good tutorials on making a drivable boat? I was looking into a plugin that the guys on this thread got an ocean, but I need a way to make my boats move.

Any suggestions?

I know you have to make a vehicle skelleton first, for controlling the boat you need to make a blueprint I think.

Can you use the sample projects also on a low end pc?