How to create triggers?

how do triggers work? i need a trigger to make a pedestrian (atually a tippable small retengular prism ) cross a road.

here is a pic of the peridestian:

pleas awnser if you can


how triggers works as follow

-U make a trigger box, and within in its blueprint, u can an event called “OnActorBeginOverLap” and here u can do ur work once ur player enter the trigger area.

and u can call another event called"OnActorEndOverlap" where u can control the trigger’s behavior after u leaving the trigger area

hope this will help

i want to make BP_Tippable move when OnActorBeginOverlap starts; im not that savy with blueprints if there is nothing to copy

now wat

put your code that meaks BP_Tippable move?

how do i do that?

Do you have everything set up already to make your tip guy move already?

i dunno about that

never mind!!!

Highly recommended to watch this series of tutorials to understand BP system like a boss

Introduction to Blueprints (v4.8)

and thats only the beginning , then u can access all of that too