How to create this type of game finding differences between two photoes

I want create this type of UI i show you in below image.

  1. find different by user clicked and round mark at this location if different are true.
  2. also zoom in and out with round marks.

[references link click here][1]

**if any one have an idea please suggest me **

Seems pretty straightforward at a glance:

  • have a typical canvas inside of a canvas setup that allows to pan and zoom
  • the inner canvas has an image with the picture
  • place Visible circle widgets with opacity set to 0 (if you need hundreds of these - store the 2d vectors in a data table along with the relevant image)
  • clicking circle widgets changes their opacity

When it comes to circle widgets, it may be worth looking into creating a material rather than having one or even a bunch of images of different sizes. You will be scaling those up and down (if you need the zoom feature) so expect quite a bit of loss in quality. A material that draws a smoothly anti-aliased circle should work much better here.

Thanks Everyone, but i think my all the works in UMG ? Right…

I think you should be able to pull off all of it in UMG only, yes.

now i find about pan and zoom but i cant found it so please give me some suggestion about zoom and pan